Medal House

About us

My name is Jani Tiainen. I am the co-owner of the MedalHouse auction. I live in Espoo, near Helsinki, the capital of FINLAND.

I have studied Art History in the University of Helsinki in 1990's and focused on heraldry and phaleristics. More than 70 articles of mine have appeared in Finnish magazines during the last decade. I have also worked at the FinPro (Foreign Trade Association of Finland) for four years before becoming full-time medal dealer.

I have been collecting Finnish Liberation War orders and medals since the beginning of the 90-ties and I am always keen to buy all kinds of high quality Finnish militaria for myself and for my customers. About three years ago I started building my Imperial German and EK1 collection... we will see what happens, but not much to show right now. So, even I am dealer I am also collector who understands the needs of other collectors.

I have an experience of international trade since the early 90-ties from medal dealing and, later, from the Foreign Trade Association of Finland, and believe me; thousands of miles long transactions are the postman's problems, not the collector's.

Buy with confidence and good collecting.

Sincerely yours,

Jani Tiainen
President, MedalHouse Ltd.