Medal House

Upcoming sale

We are glad to present you our second sale of this year, which will take place on October 23, 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. The highlight of the current sale is undoubtedly the prototype of the Mannerheim Cross, one of the rarest and most sought after Finnish decorations. Along with this cross we will also offer for a sale a number of important awards, including Volynets badge and Generals epaulettes. Other interesting items in the Finnish section of the catalog are several very rare Liberation war awards and a broad selection of high quality mounted medal groups. In the other parts of the catalog we have a large selection of Russian and Soviet medals as well as strong international section. With such a broad selection we are quite confident, that everyone would be able to find something. As always, we wish you success in your hobby and look forward to see you among the bidders.

Sincerely yours,
MedalHouse auction team

P.S. Starting with this sale, along with the traditional, "paper" version we will also be offering an "e-catalog". Unlike the "usual" PDF catalog, which will remain available for download from our website, this new e-catalog would be using the "flash" technology ("flipping pages" effect). Not only it feels more "natural", but also allows much higher magnification of pictures. Make sure you check it out!